We can design and implement accounting and management information and reporting systems, monitor the financial reporting system and prepare it for audit. We also can help with preparation of annual budgets.


Accounting software review/implementation
There are many varied choices for accounting systems. Your objective is to create a system that will be cost-effective and easy to use. Such a system will provide the information necessary to help you run your enterprise and at the same time give you the information required for tax and regulatory reporting. We can help you find the best one, and train your staff on its use.


Audit preparation
No one likes it when the auditors show up. But it doesn’t have to be painful. Let us help you prepare for the audit so there are no surprises and everything is in order. We can make it a smooth process for you.


Back office financial support
We can study your organization’s income and expenses and report on ways to add new revenue streams. At the same time we can help you enhance existing revenue, save on spending, and still accomplish your organization’s mission.


Board governance and development
The trustees of non-profits have a fiduciary relationship with the organization, which many take for granted. We can help your board understand their responsibilities and roles, and also work to pursue new talent on your board.


We offer assistance with your monthly bookkeeping needs. In addition we assist you with the month-end closing, to ensure all transactions are properly recorded.


Budget monitoring
We assist with the preparation of the annual budget by using templates that are yours to keep for future use. In addition, we assist in the preparation of variance reports that can be shared with your board.


Executive recruiting
If you are looking to hire staff for the accounting/finance function we can help. We have recruited and hired for CFO, controller, accountant and bookkeeper positions and can put that experience to work for you.


Financial planning
With the ever increasing variety of financial services and products, it is often difficult to decide which choices will best help accomplish your financial objectives. We can help you clarify your objectives and recommend insurance advisors and investment managers to fit your circumstances.


IRS advice
Some call them loopholes, others call then tax incentives. Whichever your view, there usually is opportunity to arrange your financial affairs in a tax efficient way. It is sometimes as simple as what you call it. We can review your tax planning and possibly help you find a more tax efficient approach.


Management consulting
We can work with you to understand your mission and objectives and suggest good or “best” practices to help you accomplish your goals.


Payroll support
We communicate with your payroll processor to ensure proper reporting on Form 941. In addition, we review your year-end data to verify that all numbers that will flow into the W-2s are properly stated. We can also outsource your payroll services.


If you need accounting or bookkeeping on a part-time or temporary basis we can provide our experienced staff on a flexible arrangement to fit your needs.


Tax preparation
We can put more than 40 tax seasons of experience preparing returns to work for you. When we take on a new account, we ask to see the returns over the last three years. It is remarkable how often we recommend to file an amendment.