“Saint Peter’s Church has an annual operating budget of more than $2 million. Until 2017, our financial affairs were managed inhouse. A relatively abrupt staff change resulted in our contracting with Rios and McGarrigle for temporary management and assistance in identifying new staff. Within a few weeks of working with Dolly Rios and her team, it became clear that our mission would best be served if we contracted with them to continue to manage all our finances. The staff who have worked here have been diligent, careful and easy to work with. They’ve corrected many past errors and brought significant improvement and best practices to our financial management. Our staff and program volunteer leaders have up-to-the-minute clarity in their budget and spending patterns. Reporting to our Administration and Finance Cabinet has been more timely and accurate, and the Rios and McGarrigle staff members working with us have become trusted members of our Saint Peter’s family. We’re delighted to have Rios and McGarrigle working with us and look forward to a long and successful relationship.

Pastor Amandus Derr
Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church, Manhattan

“Rios and McGarrigle filled a need at The Brick Church during a critical time when we were without an accountant. With their support we were able to complete our annual audit and prepare our annual report. Both of these reports are essential for The Brick Church.”

Ms. Laila Marie Al-Askari
Director of Administration and Finance, The Brick Church

“Between 1995-2002 I worked closely with Dolly and Ray in my role as Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee at Saint Bartholomew’s Church. I spoke with them almost daily, and I watched them re-engineer the internal systems of the Church, create revenue opportunities and handle personnel matters with aplomb. Dolly and Ray were an important part of the St. Bart’s miracle, bringing hard work, great managerial skills and unique consulting abilities to a very challenging situation. I don’t know how we would have managed without them.

“In addition to their experience and business abilities, Dolly and Ray are personable and easy to work with. They are bright and incredibly hard-working. I couldn’t think of any team that I would more want on my side in accounting and business consulting!”

Richard R. Grassey Jr., CIMA®
Senior Vice President-Investments, UBS Financial Services Inc.

“I am writing to recommend Rios and McGarrigle heartily and without reservation. They are for you if you need accounting services, clearly presented information, and useful ideas about the economics of your personal affairs, business or not-for-profit organization.

“I have worked with Ms. Rios and Mr. McGarrigle for nearly twenty years, first in my capacity as Treasurer and then Warden of St. Bartholomew’s Church in Manhattan and currently as President of the Board of the VOICE Charter School in Queens. Rios and McGarrigle also do my family’s tax preparation.

“Dolly Rios first worked as a bookkeeper and now as Manager of the Business Office at St. Bartholomew’s. She has enabled the office to run efficiently despite antiquated equipment, staff shortages, and enormously diverse activities. St. Bartholomew’s has a pre-school, a bookstore, a restaurant, a large church program, and a fund-raising campaign that raises over three million dollars annually. All these have receipts and disbursements, budgets, and balance sheets to be tracked and presented. Dolly Rios makes that happen on a clear, accurate, and timely basis.

“Ray McGarrigle became General Manager of St. Bartholomew’s in 1995. He was responsible for the business side of the church’s activities as it grew from 500 members to more than 2,000 and from an annual budget of $4 million to $8.5 million. His vision and energy helped design and implement new programs such as the Café St. Bart’s, the Center for Religious Inquiry (an adult study program), and a concert series. He also pruned activities that contributed little to the church’s growth or focus on welcome. It is significant that before Ray joined the staff at St. Bartholomew’s, the Rector did not preach in favor of tithing because he himself did not tithe. Because of Ray’s encouragement, he was soon doing both.

“At VOICE Charter School, Rios and McGarrigle helped the school develop an accounting system that produces timely and clear results. The working financial statements they devised allow the Principal to manage the school’s affairs on a daily basis. The board receives monthly reports that show the school’s precise financial condition. This transformation has taken place since Ray began working with the school’s Finance Committee and Dolly began supervising the bookkeeping. The fact that the school is prospering with a small business staff is largely due to the work of Rios and McGarrigle.”

Richard Bayles
Senior Portfolio Manager, Rockefeller Financial

“Dolly Rios is a skilled certified public accountant who has a deep knowledge of non-profits and the many issues that confront them. She is a dream to work with; she has a unique ability to address issues clearly and directly.

“I have known Ray McGarrigle for a dozen years. I have grown to deeply respect his sound judgment on financial matters, including budgeting and fund raising for non-profits. His understanding of the high standards which non-profits must maintain has made him a valued and honored partner in the many areas in which we worked together.”

Rabbi Leonard A. Schoolman. Director
QUEST: A Center for Spiritual Inquiry

“When I went to check to see exactly how long Dolly Rios had been working with Community Tax Aid I was surprised that it had been only two years. She is so competent that I thought it was considerably longer. She has such a good working relationship with our clients, low-income taxpayers who do not pay for our services, that even when tax changes affect them negatively they accept them without question. She is efficient, understanding, compassionate and always professional in her dealings with them. Ms. Rios’ understanding of the law is exemplary. I wish that we had many more like her.”

Judith Russell
President and Site Manager for Community Tax Aid, Inc.

“One of the greatest joys of my ministry has been working with Ray McGarrigle as General Manager of the Park Avenue Christian Church. Ray is an amazing visionary who has the uncanny ability and skill to identify unmet needs in the community as entrepreneurial opportunities for ministry, service and outreach. Park Avenue Christian Church is a fuller and richer place because of the contribution and leadership of Ray McGarrigle.”

Rev. Dr. Alvin O’Neal Jackson
Senior Pastor, Park Avenue Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

“Ray McGarrigle is a deeply faithful man whose ministry is to place his many gifts in finance, management and administration in the service of congregations, clergy, lay leaders and judicatories. Ray is a brilliant accountant and tax preparer, a wise financial advisor, a strong church administrator and an effective stewardship consultant. He has a commanding knowledge of accounting practices, tax codes, canonical and legal regulations and business methods in church affairs. He has a distinguished background and extensive experience in working with congregations of all sizes. He upholds the highest standards of professional conduct. He brings courage, trustworthiness and integrity to all dimensions of his life.

“I have known Ray for 25 years. I have worked with him and witnessed his ministry as a colleague, consultant, advisor and friend. I know of no one whose work ethic is higher nor anyone whose loyalty is deeper. He is a passionate advocate and a brilliant guide. I have turned to him for direction in everything from the preparation of my personal tax returns to financial administration and fund-raising in the Diocese where I am privileged to serve. I have always been blessed by his good counsel, good advice and good humor. I recommend Ray McGarrigle to any and all religious leaders who seek help with their personal and/or professional financial affairs. He is a treasure.”

The Rt. Rev. George E. Councell
Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey