Rios and McGarrigle, LLC, is a Manhattan-based firm of certified public accountants and financial management consultants. Both Dolly Rios and Ray McGarrigle are Certified Public Accountants.

The firm has solid niches in several areas: individuals, charter schools, non-profits, churches/clergy, entrepreneurs/small business and performing arts. With a wealth of experience, both Dolly Rios and Ray McGarrigle have more than 70 years of combined experience, assisting start-ups, guiding established schools and organizations o growth, and redirecting business and non-profits that may have gotten off track.

Because of its right size, Rios and McGarrigle can be nimble, flexible and available to its clients, often becoming like adjunct staff and forming lasting bonds. When you telephone the office, you get Ray McGarrigle, Dolly Rios, or their team, not a call center. You’ll also have their cell phone numbers.

Our tagline is: “Helping you define and accomplish your financial objectives,” and we’re firmly committed to the success and growth of our clients. From strategy to operations, the services of Rios and McGarrigle help clients grow. Anyone can crunch the numbers, but people make the difference and few firms have the heart for solutions and results that Rios and McGarrigle has.