Why Hire a CPA?

By : Ray McGarrigle | Comments Off on Why Hire a CPA?

27th Nov 2014

I’m often asked about the benefits of hiring a Certified Public Accountant firm rather than an accountant, tax-preparer or bookkeeping service.

This is a huge question and one that is close to my heart. Both my partner, Dolly Rios, and I are CPAs. That means we hold a license. We have an advanced level of training and knowledge in the industry and can act as business and financial coaches, in addition to doing your taxes and managing your finances.

CPAs are often relied on for financial advice and strategies, and can provide one-stop shopping for all things financial. We can offer a wide variety of financial services, not just file your taxes. This is especially important if you have a business. I’m famous for saying, “All businesses have the same issues. They need to hire good people to fill the financial function and provide operational support; operate their finances, taxes, etc., in compliance with the law; and establish accounting systems that provide timely and correct information.” CPAs can provide all these services.

Sure, a tax preparer can do your taxes, and a bookkeeper can keep your books, but when you want the full-service spectrum of financial services and advice that only a CPA can provide, call us.

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